Our APIs

Smart911Connect enables integration for two distinct types of solutions – those that have data they wish to deliver to supported 9-1-1 centers, and those 9-1-1 solution providers that wish to embed data sourced by Smart911Connect into their call taking and dispatch systems.  For “content providers”, Smart911Connect provides a standard method by which you can provide content.  For “9-1-1 solution providers”, Smart911Connect provides a simple interface for you to pull fully formatted html or underlying specific data elements for consumption by your application.

I have data I’d like to display to 9-1-1...

Data Delivery with 9-1-1 Event

  • Basic: Smart911Connect queries your application for standard user data in real-time using ANI (phone number seen by 9-1-1)

  • Premium: Smart911Connect queries your application based on any fields delivered to 9-1-1 with the call
    Delivery and formatting of custom data elements

Registry Maintenance

  • Basic: Create, Edit, Delete registry of addresses and/or phone numbers held in cache by Smart911Connect for which your application has content that should be retrieved when seen by 9-1-1

  • Premium: Unique dereferencing based on different registries

I would like to get data to display at 9-1-1...

Retrieve and Display Data

  • Basic: Smart911Connect returns formatted html of data available

  • Premium: Smart911Connect returns specific XML elements