Smart911 3.0 Brings PSAPs New Level of Critical Data and Emergency Communications

Rave Mobile Safety has released a new version of Smart911, the software platform that delivers supplemental data to public safety answering points PSAPs. Today Smart911 is deployed at (PSAPs) in more than 400 U.S. municipalities. Until now, Smart911 only supplied information provided by citizens in Safety Profiles which appear to 9-1-1 call-takers during emergency calls.

Smart911 3.0 provides a redesigned user interface, new functionality, and new technologies that offers PSAPs new levels of critical data, communications and operational capabilities for even greater emergency response.

Smart911 highlights:

  • Simplified PSAP Viewer — Improved navigation simplifies data access from multiple sources without overloading call-takers. “Always available” mode takes advantage of new functionality such as texting, history, logging/reporting and more.
  • Text Session Initiation and Multi-Chat Support — Initiate text session with all mobile callers, lets call-takers text unresponsive, hang-ups or dropped calls for greater response and reduced numbers of unclosed cases.
  • Improved Logging and Reporting — Call logging/reporting for all device types across regions provides visibility into frequent callers, transfer history, call dropping and bouncing near PSAP boundaries. Call takers can add notes on calls for greater insight.
  • Additional Emergency Contacts — You can now connect to additional phones in a citizen’s Smart911 Safety Profile for easier, faster way to reach emergency contacts.
  • Complementary Smart911 Connect — Allows additional data sources on call-taker’s screens in easy-to-use format, including telematics data from OnStar, Agero, PBX data and third-party applications.
  • Free Upgrade — Current customers can upgrade to Smart911 3.0 free of charge. Older Smart911 versions continue to be supported.